Alyssa Clark – Affordable Content Freelancer!

Who Am I?

My name is Alyssa Clark and I have 3+ years of technical writing experience and 1+ years content strategy experience. I am a 3.8 GPA senior studying technical communications at Arizona State University (one of the only degrees of its kind in Arizona). My degree is an intense program designed to provide students with the necessary tools to master almost any kind of professional writing genre including social media, business and education fields. This program has classes with a semesters worth of work crammed into individual 8-week courses. Standards are set very high and students are expected to provide quality work even in the face of extremely tight timelines. Some of the classes I have already taken are, Technical Communications for Managers, Technical Editing, Visual Communications and Social Media in the Workplace.

Services I Provide

My rates start as little as $30 an hour and $50 a project. These base rates raise depending on the research required to understand the topic to it’s fullest, the editing needed and the quality required for the document. For example, business technical writing projects take more research then what is needed for an individual blog post; thus, the project price will be higher. Below are some of the most frequent projects I do. These are average rates, but I am happy to negotiate if you are on a strict budget; however, be aware that the quality may suffer in this case. Also, please keep in mind that rates may change from project to project. 

  • Individual blog post: Starts at $50 for 300 words or under and each additional 100 words is $10. 
  • Social media post: Starts at each post ranging from $25 – $50 depending on the factors said above.
  • Website content creation: Starts at $50 for a basic one page website (please note that if you wish for me to create a website, the rate will be higher).
  • Business writing (Proposal, annual reports, etc.):  Starts at $100 for two pages and 25$ for each additional page. This does not include images, charts or any other visual diagram and the rate is based on if all writing was turned into font Calibri at 12 pt font size for fairness. 

If you have a specific project that does not qualify as any of the above types, feel free to contact me by clicking the contact button and submitting your information. I am happy to accommodate any project and work with almost any budget. 

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